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Implicit Religion US
5-6 JUNe 2024, Online US -CST

Implicit Religion Conference – US

The proposal submission deadline for the 2024 Implicit Religion US was 5 April 2024.
The review window is now concluded.

Implicit Religion US Submission Form

Please submit a 250 - 300 word abstract and short bibliography. Please include if you are an undergraduate or master’s student applying for the scratch session (scaffolded support and mentorship for your presentation) or if you are a PhD student, academic, independent scholar applying for a full session presentation. Abstracts and bibliographies must be submitted by 3 April, responses will be given by the 15 April.

All are welcome and encouraged to apply, regardless of academic stage or affiliation, priority will be given to students and scholars who are marginalised through any combination of race, gender, sexuality, disability, migration status, visa status, socio-economic status or based in the global south.

There is no expectation that your presentation will be based on a finished or complete piece of work. We strongly encourage and support you presenting on a work in progress, especially if you have reached a stage in which further ideas or different voices on it would help you.

Please select the option “Paper” on the form. Those submitting papers are asked to submit an abstract of no more than 300 words, and an abridged, short-form bibliography.

There will be a dedicated panel for advanced undergraduates, MA, and early stage PhD students to present at – called a scratch session. These will be shorter papers and rather than the usual practise of asking questions of the presenters, the audience will make suggestions for further reading, pathways for improvement, scholars to explore etc. If you wish to apply for the scratch session, please select that option on the submission form and submit a 200–250 word abstract, and an abridged, short-form bibliography.

Implicit Religion US Submission Form

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